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Genie S-80 J TraX


26.4 m
300 kg
16.7 m

Due to the low weight of the S-80 J, this aerial work platform can also be equipped with the Genie TraX system. This makes the S-80 J TraX the first and only telescopic boom within its category that can be equipped with tracks.

The S-80 J also stands out for its compact size, which leaves space on a transport trailer to transport other machines. In addition, the machines from the Essential Performance line have a simple diesel engine that facilitates maintenance and meets Stage V requirements. The platform capacity is 300 kg and both have four-wheel drive and active oscillating axles.

The S-80 J TraX offers a working height of 26.4 m and an outreach of 16.8 m, weighing only 13,018 kg. If a rental customer simply wants to work at height, then this demand can be met with the "Essential Performance" line. If the rental customer wants more reach and platform capacity, then a machine from the XC line is the solution.

The S-80 J is part of the 'Essential Performance' line. These machines are complementary to the existing XC and FE products and allow rental companies to better meet specific job site and application needs.

TraX system

The TraX system is unique in having four independent tracks as opposed to two traditional tracks. This creates a 'best of both worlds' category, combining the advantages of both regular and tracked machines.

The four tracks can tilt independently to maintain ground contact on a slope and, in combination with the pendulum axles, provide excellent stability. This also makes it safe to drive the machine on a transport trailer with a sharp tilt angle. With a steering angle of 30 degrees, the manoeuvrability is equivalent to normal front wheel steering. Thanks to the TraX system, the machine can effortlessly adapt to rough or soft terrain with height differences.

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