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Genie Z-62/40 TraX

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20.9 m
227 kg
12.4 m

The Genie Z-62/40 is an articulated boom lift with a working height of 21 meters and an outreach of 12.5 meters. To make this machine even more versatile, the TraX system is added.

The TraX system is unique because of its four independent tracks, in contrast to two traditional tracks. This creates a 'best of both worlds' category, which combines the advantages of normal and tracks.

The four tracks can tilt independently to maintain ground contact on a slope and, in combination with the patented oscillated axles, provide excellent stability. This also makes it safe to drive the machine on a transport trailer with a sharp tipping angle. With a steering angle of 30 degrees, the manoeuvrability is equal to that of normal front wheel steering. Thanks to the TraX system, the machine can effortlessly adapt to rough or soft terrain with height differences.

The total weight is just under 12,500 kg, about 2.25 tons heavier than the standard model on wheels, while the total width is 2.58 meters - only 90 mm wider than the wheeled version.

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