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We are pleased to announce that Genie is going to introduce a number of revolutionary innovations that will apply to their new generation of scissor lifts. The biggest innovation is an optimised AC electric drive system (E-Drive) implemented from Q1 2021. The E-Drive-equipped GS scissor lifts will therefore have a longer lifespan, lower maintenance costs and industry-leading performance. The new generation of scissor lifts can also significantly reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and improve return on invested capital (rROIC).


AC E-Drive – 30% more runtime

The Genie AC E-Drive provides improved runtime and performance. Operators can work up to 30% longer on a single battery charge. Real world 25% gradeability enables E-drive scissors to climb the ramp, and the breakover angle ensures they won't bottom out, avoiding the labor costs of winching and adjusting ramps, getting machines to and from the jobsite faster.


35% reduction in overall maintenance costs

The new generation of scissor lifts use maintenance-free AC E-Drive motors. The above described 30% more runtime ensures less battery charging, resulting in 20% longer battery life. In addition, components are used that are proven to last a full machine lifetime.



70% fewer hydraulic hoses & fittings

- Significantly reduced risk of hydraulic leaks for cleaner operation
- Right-sized hydraulic system
- 4 times more drive efficient


Other improvements

Longer lifespan of the tires

2x the tread depth allows tires to keep running longer, eliminating tire replacement over the life of the machine.

Maintenance Free Diamond Plate Platform

Steel diamond plate platform provides maintenance free grip over the life of the machine.

Side Forklift Pockets

Side forklift pockets provide pick & place flexibility, allowing machines to get on & off rent more quickly and prevent machine damage.


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