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GENIE DC-BOOMS PLUS+1 (Z33/18, Z40/23 EN Z60/37 DC-FE)


The training is substantively composed of different forms of lessons. The online training can be done in advance at any location and time via internet. You can also choose to come to the training center in Heinenoord on the first day of class where this online training can be done under the guidance of our trainer. Anyone who chooses to follow and complete this training in advance can start on the second training day. Theory lesson, this is a traditional way of training in our training room.Practical lesson, here you perform all kinds of assignments at / near the machines.

Day 1 is a LEVEL 1 training and can possibly be made online in advance or with guidance in our training center.
Day 2 and 3 is Level 2 training in our training center.
Day 4 is a Level 3 training for dealer technicians in our training center



The training is divided into different levels.
LEVEL1 (MAINTAIN) is intended for maintenance engineers and other employees who want to know the structure, the functioning of the Aereal Work Platform and the recognition of the components.
LEVEL2 (FIELD-SERVICE) is intended for all service engineers who want to understand and explain the technical operation as a follow-up of level 1. Troubleshooting is also an important part of level 2 training.
LEVEL 3 is intended for Dealer engineers.



To start LEVEL 1, the Genie online training GENIE GENERIC SYSTEMS BOOMS must first be followed. the HYDRAULIC QUIZ and the ELECTRIC QUIZ must also be done. Being able to read hydraulic and electrical diagrams is a must. Anyone who has doubts about the general basic knowledge can also follow the BASIC HYDRAULIC TRAINING and BASIS ELECTRIC TRAINING online training courses. It is recommended to complete the following online training courses: Z33 / 18 FOUNDATION MODULE, Z40 / 23 FOUNATION MODULE, Z60 / 37 DC-FE FOUNDATION MODULE. If desired, these modules can be followed in our training center under supervision and with explanation. For this, contact To start LEVEL 2, level 1 must have been successfully completed. To start LEVEL 3, level 2 must have been successfully completed.



Dutch, English

From 23/11/20 Until 26/11/20

Start 8:00 End 17:00


The training day (s) start at 8 a.m.
The location is Rooischaar 6, 3274KM Heinenoord.
Safety shoes are required for the practical part, please bring your own.
The practical part is outside and you must bring suitable clothing for the weather conditions.



Written tests are taken to test what has been learned. If applicable, take your reading glasses with you.
If the result is sufficient, a Genie Certificate will be issued. We also provide Genie EMAER with your personal details required to make this certificate in order to store it in the Genie register.

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GENIE DC-BOOMS PLUS+1 (Z33/18, Z40/23 EN Z60/37 DC-FE)


available: 3/8

Place: Heinenoord NL
Contact: 0186 227 140
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